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We grew out of a company called PROMOTEK that Dan Schroeder co-owned back in the mid 2000's. At that time we were primarily a business forms and printing company. We had the thought that a promotional products company that also did screen printing and embroidery would be best for us. So we needed a new name. At the time the television show CSI was a number 1 hit show and my personal favorite so we used the letters and just filled in the blanks and came up with Corporate Supply Inc. or just CSI. We have now been in business for over 10 years and have clients in ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MISSOURI, MICHIGAN, and MISSISSIPPI.

The Owners

Kelly McElroy

After college, marriage, and kids, Kelly worked as a supervisor at Walgreens Accounting in Danville IL. She had numerous responsibilities and many people working for her in that job. As the last child came along Kelly was a stay at home mom for a while and loved spending time with the kids. Kelly is now our office manager and in charge of all back-office operation and heads up our fund raising program for schools.
As time permits she works at the local school district as a certified substitute teacher at the elementary and junior high schools

Dan Schroeder

Dan started in the printing industry in the early 1980's and worked for an independent distributor for 20 years. He then started his own company and went on to re-organize into CSI about 10 years ago. He loves the promotional products business, but is the one who takes care of all our traditional printing business. As the business forms side slows down the promotional side speeds up and that will be our future.